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Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

Program Aptitude Test
NIIT Imperia Program Aptitude Test
The NIIT Imperia Program Aptitude Test (PAT) is built upon NIIT’s research and validated conduct of test administrations on several thousand students. The test has been specifically designed to facilitate NIIT Imperia and its academic partners in selecting applicants for various Programs of Study.
The Program Aptitude Test is a multiple-choice test of 90 minutes, with maximum score of 100.  PAT is distinctive because it measures aptitude not only through skills and abilities in functional areas, but also through an assessment of supporting personality traits that determine success in modern work environments.
P.S. - There is a separate 30 minute test for Executive Program in Applied Finance.
The PAT covers the following four areas:

  • Verbal Ability & Communication Skills: 30 out of 100

The ability to interact with internal/external customers & peers, & to structure & communicate thoughts fluently.

  • Numerical Ability: 35 out of 100

The ability to use basic mathematical skills (at class X level) to solve numerical problems quickly.

  • Logical Reasoning & Creative Problem Solving: 20 out of 100

Logical Reasoning is the ability to analyse data and think through inferences clearly. Creative problem requires a combination of innovative thinking and logical reasoning keeping the end-objective in mind.

  • Supporting Personality Traits: 15 out of 100

Leadership, Resource Optimisation, Result Orientation and Teamwork – considered essential traits to succeed in modern work-situations.
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